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Essay on “Should there Still Be Colleges and Schools Just for Men/Boys and Some Just for Women/Girls?”

For several centuries in the history of the humanity, higher education and professional development were the privilege of men, while education of women, if any, was limited to some housekeeping secrets, flavored with arts and music for girls of aristocratic families. Under these circumstances, the mere idea of co-education would have seemed an outrage, if [...]

What Do You Consider the Most Important Events of the Past Decade?

The past decade has had its fair share of events which marked a significant milestone in our lives. From the Economic Recession of 2008 that led to job loss, foreclosure and bankruptcy, to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001, and the devastating tsunami off the Indonesian coast of Sumatra in [...]

Should an Introduction to Art, Music, and Drama Be a Part of Every College Student’s Education?

The term “liberal” has become a demonized buzzword that is mostly avoided by U.S. politicians on the left and used as an epithet by their counterparts on the right. That strikes me as a bad deal for an otherwise excellent word. For example, a liberal arts education has little to do with ideology and everything [...]

How Can Halloween Be Made Safer for Young People?

With all the costumes, candy, and excitement that Halloween boasts, it’s not surprising that many young people become too preoccupied to worry about safety. With all the child-stranger interaction that the night has to offer, it’s no wonder that parents worry. Ironically enough, parental involvement is, particularly with younger children, the most important part of [...]

Review Essay on Napoleon

Author felix Markham in his biography “Napoleon”, states he finds it a “bold undertaking for an historian””to embark on writing a new biography of Napoleon.”(p.1) He attempts to present an authentic profile of this important historical figure but readily admits it is difficult to keep from merely echoing past historians in writing about his achievements [...]