A Citizen of the world or not?

What would one define a citizen of the world? What would one have to demonstrate, provide and contribute to the world to receive this title? Maybe responsibility, respect from and toward others, or would they have to discover a new invention that could change people’s lives forever? Many people think that Benjamin Franklin would deserve this title. A true inventor, politician, philosopher, and poet. However, where there is good, there also is bad. Benjamin Franklin was also materialistic, a liar, and a poor father and husband. This is why Benjamin Franklin does not and should not be considered a citizen of the world.

First, in “Poor Richard’s Almanack.”there are many sayings that would fit under the title, “The Way To Wealth,” that would basically summarize Franklin’s materialistic views. One example would be, “virtue to the end, is making yourself rich.” Another example of this is one of his excerpts that state, “There are three faithful friends, an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.” Besides money, it seems that the only other object Franklin held a piece of his heart for was women. He was a notorious womanizer. He slept with women all over America and used them. He fathered more than thirteen illegitimate children. One of his excerpts states, “If you ride a horse, sit close and tight, if you ride a man sit easy and light.” This man truly believed that virtues are going to make one rich, and a player. Therefore, this reveals that Franklin was a very materialistic, shallow man.

Second, Benjamin Franklin was a liar. He clearly gave the people of America what hey wanted to hear. One wishes to feel safe, protected and loved. Then this is what good old Franklin told them. He gave them simple excerpts to live by such as, “God heals and the doctor takes the fees.” To summarize, why waste money on a doctor when only the heavenly father has the power to heal? Also, in his Almanack, Franklin was always complaining how there is not enough money and how one is supposed to save money so the colony and America can become much wealthier, when the entire time Franklin was loaded with money but was too cheap to spend it on someone other than himself. Franklin complained and stated on how men should be more clean. Meaning they should be taking showers at least once a month, such as himself. However, where would they find the money for water? Or better yet, where did Mr. Franklin find the money for water, if he was poor as well? Also, when he wrote letters home to his wife he stated that everything was fine and she did not have to worry about him. Meanwhile, the entire time he was cheating on her. In his letters he lied to his own family, his wife, the one he married. Therefore, these points obviously reveal the true liar Benjamin Franklin was.

Lastly, Mr. Franklin was not a good family man. He had left his wife and sons at home, so he could live in London to represent Pennsylvania to the Imperial government. He lived in London and Paris for years without seeing his family. He would go home occasionally, however would leave again to reside in London or Paris. If not being home was not bad enough, Franklin slept with many women while away. He would constantly be cheating and having affairs. As well, his sons never had a father figure in their lives to look up to as a role model. They never had a man in the house, the one male they needed to talk to, to learn right from wrong, and to learn to respect themselves and others. He was not even home at the time when his wife passed away. Benjamin Franklin was not a good family man. Not a husband nor a father.

In Conclusion, Benjamin Franklin was a shallow, materialistic man whose, “virtues” were money and women. He was a pathetic liar to the people of America and his wife, and was not a good family man. He had affairs and was not there to be a father to his children. If his own children cannot look up to him as a role model; How could anyone else? A citizen of the world should at least be there and be respected by the people who mean the most . . . his family. Benjamin Franklin will never deserve a title so strong as, “citizen of the world.” That would require maturity, which he never possessed.

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