American Dream Essay

The American dream is made up of one thing and one thing only, hopes. Hopes are what every person in the world has. Whether it is to be rich, successful, or just to have a desire to accomplish anything. No one goes throughout life not hoping for something because if not one person did this then the world would not be what it is today. To understand the American Dream in one’s eyes, one must take into regard how Americans picture success, hopes and desire.

Hopes, are what we do not have in our possession, it is what is wanted or needed. Many people hope for money or more money than what they already have. For example, a poor person hopes to have money so that he may buy things he needs for instance shelter, clothes, food, shoes or whatever else is needed. A Rich person may already have money and what is needed, but may want more than what is already there such as, more cars, shoes, a bigger house, and clothes. I hear hopes every day at school, ” I hope I get that new sweater at the Gap, “I hope I get a part in the school play.” Hopes are not always recognized but they are there in our everyday lives. We hope that we can move on from what happened on September 11, 2001, and live our daily lives to the fullest.

Another, hope is for success. Success is a personal satisfaction, shown in many different ways. One persons success could have been to conquer a goal like earning an A in math or the purchase of a new car. Someone else’s achievement could have been to get a new job or to buy a new home and start a new life there. I would like to succeed in basketball so I could go to a four-year, division one college and become a famous player for Tennessee State. There are many ways to accomplish success throughout life.

Along with hopes and success there has to be a desire to work for what you want. To win the championship game, handwork and a desire to beat the other team must be put forth. Desiring to buy a new computer or a big screen television set, or even food, you work for it. Many people have desires to have a family or to start a business and if people did not we would not have many the things we have now. The word desire means to long or hope. I have the long to be and actress and to become a star, who makes a lot of money as well as live in Hollywood. That is my desire.

On the other hand to some, the American Dream is made up of much more than material things, but to me its made up of a good portion of material things. I’m not saying people don’t have a hunger to be free and be able to choose what religion they decide on. The dream signifies a more individual experience and meaning. There is not just one dream to everyone because people are different and live differently, meaning their outlook would be unalike.

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