An Autobiography of Whitney Edward Jones

An Autobiography of Whitney Edward Jones
On September the seventh, 1984, I was born in Pensacola, Florida. My parents named me Whitney Edward Jones. I have a brother five years older than myself, and we have lived with our parents in Andalusia, Alabama all our lives.

I grew up to be six feet tall and one hundred and ninety pounds. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I also have many freckles.
I tend to be hyper at times and find that I am unable to sit still. My parents think I am demanding because I always want my way. Every summer since I was fourteen I have had a job, which shows I am a hard worker. Finally, I am happiest when I am outdoors fishing or hunting.

The main reason I am the person that I am is the characteristics I was born with. Many people say I share similar characteristics with my father and grandfather. They are both hardworking and demanding. My mother often tells me that my choices contribute to the way I am.

My friends and I have a lot in common. We enjoy going to the beach, playing golf, and watching movies. Although we have a lot in common, there are also ways we are different. For example, I am ADHD. Reading has never been an interest of mine. I find it hard to concentrate, and I am real easily distracted when I am trying to read.

At the age of twelve my dad and I took scuba diving lessons. We took a class in the month of April, and the water was freezing. I managed to complete the course and became certified before my father. I still enjoy going to the beach and diving.

Although I have changed a lot since 1984, I still enjoy some of the same things I did as a child. As I get older, I will probably become a lot more like my father and grandfather. However, my experiences in the next few years will also influence the person I become.

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