Biography of Princess Diana

The princess’ full name is Diana Frances Spencer. She was born on July 1, 1961. Diana was born in a house not a hospital, and the house was called Park house. Her family had rented it from the Royal Family Estate for many years. Diana had two sisters, Sarah and Jane. She also had a younger brother, Charles. Occasionally as a child Diana would play with Prince Edward and Prince Andrew. When she was only six years old Diana’s mother left her father, however the two did not get a divorce until 1969 when Diana was only eight years old. Diana’s father Earl Spencer received custody of all three children. Shortly after the divorce, Diana’s mother remarried a man named Peter Shand. In 1975, her father had become the eighth Earl Spencer. This made Diana’s proper name Lady Diana Spencer. Due to this Change Diana and her siblings moved to Anthrop, the Spencer family estate in northern Hampton. Diana grew up as an ordinary child especially when she was in supportive surroundings. Her personality change very little after her mother had left home. As a child she saw a psychiatrist, E. James Anthony. She had told him “ I always feel different from everyone else, very detached. I always had this thing inside of me that said that I was different. I couldn’t even talk about it. I felt as if I was in the wrong shell.”

Diana’s friends and close family saw signs of troubling behavior in many different times during her childhood. This included fearfulness of being alone and being afraid of the dark, depression, moodiness, food binging, obsessive behavior, anxiety, academic difficulties, detachment distractibility and insecurity all of this has occurred because of the separation with herself and her mother. She told he physiatrist that “it has been a very unhappy childhood”. Diana had many changes in her life such as her nannies, she was very unstable, her whole child hood was generally unhappy, and being separated from everyone else didn’t help. Diana and her sibling had treated here nannies horribly especially after their mother had left them. Charles and Diana would throw their clothes out the window and stickpins in their chairs. They would look at their nannies as if they were becoming a threat of taking over their mother’s position. Some nannies responded with cruelty such as if they would do something wrong the nannies would bang their heads together. Or if only one of them was misbehaving the nannies would bang that persons head against the wall.

As a child Diana watched a lot of television, her favorite television shows included Coronation Street and Top of the Pops.

From the years 1966 through 1974 Diana attended Riddlesworth Hall Prep School located in Diss, Norfolk. From the years 1974 through 1977 Diana attended West Heath located near Senvenoaks, Kent. From 1977 through 1978 Diana attended Finishing School at the Institute of Alpine Vindemanette. Even though Diana wasn’t a very good student but she was an excellent sportsman, she even on trophies for her swimming. Diana usually seemed like she was happy with all her friends but she wasn’t. She wrote a bunch of letters to her parents asking them if they could come and bring her home.

Diana had dreamed as a little child of becoming a ballerina but her dream was unable to become true because she was to tall. By he time she was an adult she had reached 5 feet 10 inches in her height. So when Diana first finished school she became a nanny for an American couples child in London, England. After that she became a waitress and then a cleaning lady before becoming a kindergarten teacher at a school call Young England in Pimlico, London.

Diana was President of a group called the Albany, She was an honorary member of a club called the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, and she was in a group called The Association For Spinal Injuries she was a member of the Australian council on smoking and health, the Australian Junior Red Cross, the British Deaf Association, the British Lung Foundation, she was Vice-President and a patron of Red Cross Youth, she was also in a club called the British Sports Association for the disabled. Diana’s Interest in the disease AIDS came from her friendship with Adrian Ward-Jackson, a London art dealer whom Diana met in London during a basket gala at Sadler Wells Theater in London. Around the time that Diana and Adrian became friends, Adrian learned that he was HIV positive which almost immediately after he found out he told Diana. Just a short while after finding this information out Diana became very interested in this particular disease. In January of 1987, Diana met a London doctor named Michael Adler who asked if she would help to change the public’s view of the disease AIDS. That month Middlesex Hospital announced to the public that in the following April Diana would open the first AIDS ward.

Michael asked Diana not to wear and protective gear such as a gown or surgical mask. The Daily Times ran a story a few weeks later quoting a doctor named Gram Sharp it said “Princess Diana should shake hands with an AIDS suffer in order to destroy the fears from the public with this disease.” Some people said that the people who had this disease should be quarantined and a handshake from someone with great respect for the public such as Diana could have an impact on the public’s point of view of this terrible disease.

Diana loved being a Princess mostly because of all the presents she received such as King Faisal of Saudi Arabia sent Diana a variety of sapphire jewelry, which included a bracelet, a watch, a necklace, and earrings. Prince Charles would always encourage Diana when it came to the activity of building Diana a new wardrobe. With the help of Diana’s sister, Jane, Diana was able to meet four editors from vogue magazine. They helped her select new wardrobe they taught her tips for posing for cameras and walking through crowds, and they gave her tips on makeup. The editors would often tell her about what she should wear for each different occasion. Prince Charles was very interested in helping with choosing what she should wear.

Diana would often show off her new style during many different occasions such as playing tennis at Wimbledon, dining with King Faisal, Watching polo, and promenading at Ascot.

Princess Diana met Prince Charles at a shooting partying in Althrop in the year 1977 Princess Diana began dating Prince Charles (also known as the Prince of Whales) in 1980. Prince Charles was twelve years older Diana and had previously dated Dian’s older sister, Sarah. The press took huge interest in the couple. The press would stay outside Diana’s apartment and went wherever she went. Diana found this attention unbearable. From the time she began dating Prince Charles to the day of her death Diana was hounded by the press. Diana and Charles decided to get engaged on February 24, 1981 I St. Paul’s Cathedral. About seven hundred fifty people watched the wedding and it was broadcasted in seventy-four countries. Diana was the first English woman to marry a man who would rule on England’s throne in over three hundred years. The wedding ring consisted of an eighteen carrot sapphire ring surrounded in diamonds. The couple honeymooned in the palace known as Broadland’s and on a Royal Yacht named Britannia.

One of the times to remember of Diana and Charles’ marriage was during Christmas benefit for the friends of Covenant Garden. It was located at the Royal Opera House. Diana had decided to surprise Charles this year by showing her talent, because she wanted hi to be proud of her so she tried to impress him. So Diana contacted a man named Wayne Sleep and asked him if he could help her by making up a duet with her to the song Uptown Girl sung by Billy Joel. Diana would secretly rehearse the steps. On the night of the benefit right before Diana and Wayne got on stage she change her outfit from a red velvet gown into a low cut clingy white satin dress. When she got on stage the audience gasped. Their four-minute dance made everyone applause. Charles was stunned to see the but still clapped enthusiastically and smiled. After the show in private Charles told Diana how he wasn’t impressed by the routine. Many people thought that the dress she wore was very slinky and she should have worn something different. Some of the people at the benefit said, “she had tried to hard to impress him and it backfired. Diana and Charles had two children, William Arthur Philip Luis (also known as Prince William of Whales) he was born on June 21, 1982.

Their other sons name was Henry Charles Albert David, also known as Prince Henry of Wales (some people call him Prince Harry), he was born on September 15, 1984. Both sons were born in Paddington, London at St. Mary’s Hospital. Diana and Charles announced to the public about their separation on December 9, 1992 and the divorce became final on August 28, 1996. Some people say that they got divorced to the fact that Prince Charles still had a crush on his ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowls and that Diana could not stand the fact that Prince Charles and Camilla were so close. A Friend of Diana’s said that Diana would often say that “they’re three people in this marriage and it was becoming a bit of a crowd”. Because of this Diana became Very depressed and developed Bulimia. Despite of her depression, she was still a great mother. To overcome her depression Diana worked tirelessly for charity and in return she was loved very dearly by the public and community because of her warmth. Diana lost 28 pounds due to her bulimia. She kept her illness to herself. She now weighed just a little more than 110 pounds, which is really low for her body. Her husband Charles would typically ignore her depression. He would squeeze his hands in frustration and ask “ what is wrong now Diana? What have I done now to make you cry?” He had a very bad temper. Whether Diana would be angry or tearful Charles would ignore her whenever he could. This was mostly because Diana’s behavior was really unpredictable. The few times that Charles would try to help his advice would often be unhelpful. It was easy t see that the world loved Princess Diana. After her death many people still remember where they were and when the heard the news of her tragic death. Diana and Charles ha joint custody of Prince William and Prince Henry. In 1997 (just a little while after the divorce) Diana began dating Emad “Dadi” Fayed, also known for being the son of billionaire businessman Mohammad Al-Fayed. The romance lasted only a few months due to their deaths in a car accident in Paris, France. The accident cured while fleeing from uninvited photographers form tabloid magazines. Both were killed. Many reporters were beaten by other people because instead of helping them they took picture of the horrible accident. Diana suffered from many injuries. She was rushed to the hospital but was not able to brought back to life. So at 4:00am on the morning of August 31, 1997, Princess Diana was pronounced dead. More recently, Diana’s youngest son Prince Henry who is now 17 years old was caught drinking while under age, smoking marijuana and partying hard during spring break. Prince Henry went to a rehab center called Featherstone Lodge. People are now led to believe that this has all happened because of the death of his mother, Princess Diana. People are now saying also that Prince Henry was the person most hurt when his mother died.

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