Essay on “Should there Still Be Colleges and Schools Just for Men/Boys and Some Just for Women/Girls?”

For several centuries in the history of the humanity, higher education and professional development were the privilege of men, while education of women, if any, was limited to some housekeeping secrets, flavored with arts and music for girls of aristocratic families. Under these circumstances, the mere idea of co-education would have seemed an outrage, if not blasphemy – not only because of the morals, likely to diverge in a mixed-gender environment, but also because this concept would be very impractical and ineffective, as the purposes of male and female education were too different.

However, as the time passed and the empowerment of women became a reality, women started to engage in professional careers as actively as men. The gender equality is nowadays a fundamental human right, protected by national and international legislation. The women are present in all domains of public life, and neither their aspirations nor their interests are nowadays different from those of men.

In this regard, segregated education becomes an outdated relic of the past that has no valid rationale behind it, and it cannot and must not become an example to follow in modern education. The modern education curricula and the modern academic challenges that students face are absolutely identical for males and females, therefore separation is not necessary from the standpoint of quality education.

Going beyond the mere considerations of quality, one will also realize that similar segregation of boys and girls during their childhood and adolescence can even be dangerous. Segregated education for boys and girls, for men and women introduces unnecessary separation between the two equal halves of the society that interact constantly in their public lives as well as privately. It can result in miscommunication and misunderstanding between boys and girls, as well as contribute to the distorted perceptions of each other, as only through day-to-day coexistence of the two genders on an equal basis the equality can be established and promoted.

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