History, why U.S. were discovered

The Americas are what they are today because of what happened before, during, and after the exploration and colonization of the Americas. Many things contributed to the beginning interest in the Americas, like the crusades of the 11th – 13th centuries and the travels of Marco Polo. The culture of the Americas is due to the protestant reformation, the renaissance, and the defeat of the Spanish armada.

The crusades marked the beginning of exploration and adventure. The European people started to obsess for Asian products, such as silk, drugs, perfumes and spices. There were many other goods the European people needed and wanted. They also sought cheaper prices on merchandise that weren’t from the Mediterranean. The Europeans experimented with new ways to sail to the Asian countries so they can trade and receive product easier. When the fighting of the crusades ended it gave the Spanish a new light on things and let them focus on different things like exploring. They soon became open to new ideas and trying to find an original route to the Spice Islands.

Marco Polo was an Italian adventurer who believed he traveled to China. He told tales of what he saw and brought back main items. People today think he may have not been in china because he left out main details of Chinese culture. This sprung a lot of curiosity in the European people. More exploration began to take place as people tried to find more ways to Asia.

The Renaissance could be one of the main reasons the Americas were found and colonized. During this period the compass was invented, this invention enable explores to travel without getting lost. The printing press also was invented, a key invention spreading knowledge across Europe. In all of Europe there was a sort of spirit of optimism and adventure that fed the imagination and made them thrive for adventure. At about this time one man singly changed the course of history. Christopher Columbus was an explorer who went to Spain in search of a kingdom that would support his idea and support him financially. Spain supported Columbus dreams and so became the main country to colonize in the new world.

The protestant reformation took place in England. It was a battle between the Catholics and Protestants. The protestant Queen Elizabeth came to power and Protestantism ultimately became the dominant religion. There was an on going conflict between catholic Spain and catholic Ireland against England but the English overpowered them. The English people and soldiers developed a hate towards the native Ireland people, this same hate was carried to the new world and applied to the natives there. Queen Elizabeth also rebuilt alliance with commercial and industrial lord encouraging an industrial revolution. This new protestant era cleared the way for England to start colonizing and spreading Protestantism.

The Spanish armada was a huge threat in the eyes of England. When England defeated the Spanish fleet it gave England the power and control of the waters. The loss devastated Spain and weakened there moral. The English took on a new spirit for colonization. When Spain and England signed a treaty, England was on there way to colonizing more territory and eventually making the English the most populated people in North America.

All these events assisted in the exploration and colonization of the Americas. The crusades of the 11th – 13th centuries gave Europeans a taste for Asian products. Marco Polo fed the imagination of Europeans with stories of all the great things he saw. The Renaissance brought about knowledge and inventions to help explores have a safer trip and more accurately conduct adventures. The protestant reformation lit a flame for the English colonization in North America. The defeat of the Spanish armada motivated the English to begin building an empire in North America. If these events would have never happened the Americas would not be what they are today.

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