How Can Halloween Be Made Safer for Young People?

With all the costumes, candy, and excitement that Halloween boasts, it’s not surprising that many young people become too preoccupied to worry about safety. With all the child-stranger interaction that the night has to offer, it’s no wonder that parents worry. Ironically enough, parental involvement is, particularly with younger children, the most important part of ensuring a happy and safe Halloween for all.

First off, parental supervision of trick-or-treating for young kids is ideal. Cars can speed around those corners quickly, and no amount of protection is comparable to the frantic grab of a mother. For older children, however, who might fear embarrassment from a hovering parent, there are other precautions. Costumes should have reflective pieces on them if possible, and children should be equipped with a flashlight to alert oncoming traffic. Costume choice is also important, as long, baggy costumes may cause a fall and masks can compromise a child’s vision.

Parents can also help their children with a pre-trick-or-treating chat, or a Halloween 101. Children should be reminded never to go inside a stranger’s house, or go up to a porch that’s not lit. They should also be warned against candy or food that isn’t wrapped. Parents should also check all candy once it enters the house. Filling children up with a nice dinner before they head out can also deter excessive Halloween snacking.

In terms of older children or teenagers, it always helps when there is school the next day to discourage any late-night partying, but in the case of a weekend, a curfew should still be enforced. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to make plans for the next morning that the child can’t get out of. That way, they have some incentive to keep the partying to a minimum.

For as much fun as Halloween is, it can also be dangerous without proper parental involvement. If these minimal precautions are taken, parents can take pleasure in providing a fun, safe, and worry-free Halloween.

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