Plagiarism in History Papers

Plagiarism is defined as usage of one’s thoughts and ideas without proper citation and referencing.  Plagiarism is a serious academic offense, which in some cases can get you expelled out of the academic institution you study in.

The usage of someone’s thoughts and ideas – is not only applied to copyrighted materials. You have to always be sure, that the thoughts and ideas used in your paper are 100% original, and if they are not – they should be properly cited, and the original author mentioned.

The most difficult paper with plagiarism issues are history papers. A history paper – is a paper of facts, and your thoughts and points of view on theses facts. There might be situations, in which you may repeat someone’s thoughts without no intentions to do it. This also may occur, when you are under the influence of someone’s ideas, and you plagiarize not on purpose.

How can you avoid plagiarism when writing a History paper? The first thing you can do – is make sure you read all thoughts and ideas of others before writing your own. You need to come up with your own point of view, and maybe agree or disagree with thoughts of others.

Also make sure you do not plagiarize with phrases and words of others authors. Be very careful, as it may seem that you came up with it on your own, but in fact it is someone else’s words.

The latest solution to this problem is free plagiarism detection services, which can easily track all your borrowed words, phrases, ideas and thoughts through the WEB. Using these services will not harm you in any way, so feel free to use them for your convenience.

And the last thing – be sure to format and cite all the sources you have used. In most cases – students are accused of plagiarism because of improper citation and referencing and not because of plagiarism.

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