Kissinger views of Metternich

A strong leader must be able to deal with the problems and difficulties of his time of reign. This will show a great leader from a good leader in just the way that he can use the actions of people to his advantage. During both time periods the two men, Kissinger and Metternich, feared illegitimate revolution because there is no for seen outcome. Henry Kissinger saw Metternich as a model statesman to deal with the events that took place because illegitimate people were disrupting order in the world.

Two main revolutions to look for are the Communist Revolution and the French Revolution. Within these two there were motivational fears. During Metternich’s time he was worried that he would be another Napoleon and not being able to stop the Revolutionary Movements. Kissinger didn’t have bigger problems so to say but more powerful, because of the technology increase and the introduction of the A-bomb and nuclear warfare. A way to get out of Vietnam was to use the help of places that also had a little conflict; in this case it would have been through the help of China and the USSR.

A great statesman wants to create the ability of predictability and thus take away all revolutions because the outcomes are never similar or predictable. In the long run disorder is then created because of the sudden changes to the overall being of the people. There needs to be a historical evolution, change over time within a people, in order to try to maintain minimal amount of chaos. Kissinger was very successful against revolutions because he used the planning and ideas of Metternich.

Another point that needs to be made is that of order versus disorder. Through the use of great powers this can be maintained. Because the people can be combined through a similar fear great nations can then be used to help you out when teemed up against a common problem. Legitimacy is very hard to obtain but once obtained great nations will look up to you. Because the idea of a great power staying great over time with strong economical power and population for war are great aspects. These two men, Metternich and Kissinger, could have been better but they were too much of realists and never really wanted to find that light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore their nations never saw too much of changes because their leaders weren’t idealist enough to search for a better.

Order in the world wasn’t at its greatest during the time of Metternich but he dealt with his cards in all the right ways enough for Kissinger to use the ideas in his own setting. With revolution kept to a minimal also does disorder stay down to bare minimal also. With legitimacy a nation could become a great power just because of the very low level of anarchy that would not have been created because of the strong economy and the ready population for war.

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