Rasputin Essay

Rasputin, the image alone is pretty horrifying, creepy. This man was able to do the impossible, social escalating isn’t very common or easy, especially amidst royal blue blood. The rural man who was Gregory Rasputin: no education, no money and no faith; known only as a pervert, criminal and drunken behavior. Born in January of 1869, in Siberia to poverty stricken conditions which explains his ambition. Was he evil? Was he a miracle worker? Was his ambition that brought him to manipulate?

He spent his teenage years as a rebel, mainly finding ways to have a good time. He was known to have sexual intercourse with several women, consuming several drugs, not to mention the alcohol. You can say he like the shock affect it gave the people in the rural village. He did the equivalent to what Marilyn Manson does now, worshipped by many and feared by most.

A change was what he wanted; The Russian Orthodox Church’s mystery drew him towards spiritually and his future. Studying he found that he had the perfect sect of his new religion, Skopsty The sinner’s perfect sect. As part of this he started to abide his life to it, to Skopsty. The sect consisted of committing sin in order to get closer to God. It was also said that Skopsty was to commit sin in order to end sin. Rasputin apparently being the biggest follower, to later adopt the robes of a monk and practice and teach others of it, developed his own self-gratifying doctrines, traveled the country as a “staretz” which is like the concept of those preachers from the Southern states.

Touring and promoting his sect had made him quite the popular monk. By 1902 he was being requested by the clergy in St. Petersburg. He made his first visit which there he recounted tales of his traveling promotion of Skopsty. Several religious leaders caught wave of the heat and decided to take a peek.
Mean while Rasputin was in his prime, the Tsar Nicolas II and his wife Alexandra were expecting their third child. The child was the heir to the empire, which made them quite happy and his name was Alexis in favor of the second Romanov tsar. Suddenly bad news came upon the happy couple; Alexis had a genetic disease, Hemophilia, which if he had been born a hundred years could have been cured with gene therapy. It became apparent after an injury and he did not stop bleeding for some while. A miracle was hoped for.

Prayers from the desperate mother had clouded her mind to do whatever possible for her child, opening for any miracle worker to whom wanted to help. Alexis kept on with off and on with Hemophilia attacks. Rasputin at the time was battling his to restrain his sinner’s way. Two years had passed and he had moved prudently in the Russian capital’s aristocratic circles and made a name for himself. He had a little following in St. Petersburg and some what an amount of power. He had gained the friendship of The Grand Duchesses and a close friend of Alexandra’s.

The Duchesses and Alexandra’s friend arranged a meeting for Alexandra and Rasputin. He strangely brought calmness to the Tsar and his wife. Once during one the heir’s hemophilic attacks Rasputin was able to control the situation and stop the bleeding. After that the couple kept him around, many people wondered why such a friendship, what was in it for Rasputin? Rumors started that the Royal Couple’s daughters had become his sex toys and that he and Alexandra were having an affair. One may never know since both Alexandra’s journal and Rasputin did not uncover such allegations. Soon after Rasputin was under suspicion by the Tsar and several people of the Romanov family, death had predestined for all. Rasputin cursed the Tsar’s family that within two years they’d all be dead. Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich and Prince Felix Youssoupov, husband of Nicholas II’s niece Princess Irina Alexandrovna of Russia, were among the leaders of the plot to strike against Rasputin. They didn’t kill though, poison, gunshot and beatings didn’t get rid of the monk, he ran and later drowned in the river.

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