Roosevelt & The Depression Essay

The depression was something that hit America hard and took much hope and ambition out of their lives. President Hoover was not on America’s good side so when a fresh new face came along, they were all for it. Franklin Roosevelt was the light that the American people were looking for. It didn’t take long after Roosevelt was preaching his “New Deal” the America was falling for everything he said.

Roosevelt was just what these people needed. I don’t think that it was even what he said that had the most impact on them; it was how he said it. When he was peeking everyone was listening to his sincere and confident voice. I do think that his plan was a very good one, with many great benefits. The one thing I thought was a little different then other people speeches about their plan was he promised a lot of things in his speeches, but then he also emphasized oh his trial and error process. I think that this is good and bad in a sense. I think it is good because he was showing that he wouldn’t give up if he didn’t succeed in his first attempt to help the country, but I believe the bad thing that I get from it was he wasn’t as confident in his idea as he wanted you to be.

Roosevelt did do a lot for the country but he did a lot fast. What I mean by this was he did most of his fixings in the first hundred days. I feel he did all this to relieve some of the pressure, which worked. He did keep trying but then there was a large gap where it seemed like nothing was being done. SO when people began to doubt him and others were making up plans of their own, such as Huey Long, Roosevelt made the “Second New Deal”. Huey Long proposed his way to help the depression with “Share our Wealth”. He had many ideas to add to Roosevelt’s plan and then he changes many and made up much of his own. Long tried to win over America like Roosevelt did, he succeeded somewhat, but Roosevelt was still inaugurated for his second term. There were some that had given up on Roosevelt and wanted to follow Long’s plan, however Roosevelt was still the president and to many he was working hard to bring America to its feet.

Although many followed Huey Long and other who tried to think of their own way to bring America out of their depression, Roosevelt did do his best and complete many of the things he said he would. I just feel that after his first term that maybe it would have been better for someone else with fresher idea’s to come into office. Along with that statement our country came out of the depression and has been very successful. So even though it took a while I feel Roosevelt did his job and did it well.

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