Vietnam Essay

The main objective behind the United States’ involvement in Vietnam was to contain the spread of communism in Southeast Asia. […]

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Stalin Narrative Essay

In 1879 two Georgian peasants conceived what would be USSR’s most cruel, power-hungry and diabolical ruler for 25 years, Josif […]

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Napoleon Essay

Napoleon was a successful man in that he was able to increase the amount of control he had over France […]

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History of China

Emperor of China, is an incredible biography of the second emperor, K’ang-hsi (1661 – 1722), and his life as part […]

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Technology and War

Technology has greatly influenced the way battles have been fought. In the Roman times through to the Gulf war the […]

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The Battle at Waterloo

Motivated by his desire to make France an empire in Europe, Napoleon established himself as Emperor of France in 1804. […]

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